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Sorting Reports by Date

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  • Tessa Anderson
    You can choose the date your email was sent, or a day before it was sent (if your range is date to current day). But you can't choose a date after it was sent otherwise you get the error you're seeing. If you want to pull the report the day after it's sent it gives you the clicks for the send day and the day after combined, so you'd just be getting one list that wouldn't have duplicates (if that's what you were worried about).

    Tessa Anderson
    Digital Marketing Manager, BridgeTower Media LLC
    Original Message:
    Sent: 04-02-2018 11:55
    From: Gary Haskins
    Subject: Sorting Reports by Date

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way to sort a clicked report by the date. My boss wants me to send over daily reports to the people who clicked our emails but I don't want to send him duplicate leads in the report. When I go to sort by date range on the email report, it says the there was no email sent during the time allotted, am I doing something wrong here when sorting? I want it for the day after it was sent, to today and I can't find a way to do that easily. Thanks guys

    I attached an image to show you guys.

    Gary Haskins
    Marketing Manager, New England Temperature Solutions

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