Subscribing New Contacts

Robert Kohnke Act-On Team
Act-On's Subscription Management feature allows you to create Messages with a specific category and allow your prospects and customers to opt-in or -out of the specific categories seamlessly from the email opt-out link in any Act-On message.

However, what do you do for those net new names that don't exist in your database yet?

Here is how you can get someone to signup for a specific subscription category, before they are known to Act-On:

Note: This assumes you have configured and enabled Subscription Management

Create a new Form

This form can be simple - all we need is email address and a series of checkboxes (one for each of your subscription categories).
Here is our internal example: (I have enabled Progressive Profiling, so you may see additional fields if you haven't filled them out yet)

Now that you have your form, you have two options:

1. Use the Form's sign-up list as a distribution list for your emails.
1.1 Example: You can create a segment that shows everyone who has opted in to the 'Blogs' category above and use that list as the Sending list for all blog recaps.

2. Create a list maintenance program on your form's submission list to push all values to your Subscription Management list:
1.1 This allows you to only use the Subscription Management features and not have to worry about an additional send list.

For option 2, here is an example of how you might setup your program:

That is it!

Movign forward, anyone that submits that new form will be available for you to send to!

Have a great day and Happy Marketing!

Robert Kohnke
Marketing Operations Strategist, Act-On Software, Inc.



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