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Multiple Customer Journeys Best Practices


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  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Lea,

    In talking with folks here, our thought was that allowing customers to go through more than one journey is perfectly fine. If you think that one of the four journeys is of a higher priority or provides more value than the others, then it might be better to let that one take precedence over the others... but otherwise it should be alright to not force an exit and let the customers go through multiple programs.

    One small step you can take is to set your programs up to send mail on different days of the week – that way at least you can ensure that your contacts won't get two separate journey messages at the same time.

    Hope that helps! Just thought I'd remind you that we do have Marketer On Demand services where our team can provide strategic consulting, review of your programs, or even custom build-outs of new programs for new journeys you'd like to add.

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