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Zoom webinars via Zapier Released

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  • Anne Mullaney


    Have you moved to Zoom? We're about to, and I'd love to know how you've set it up.



  • TruCode Marketing

    Hi Anne, Unfortunately, we are still using GoToWebinar. At the time we were evaluating, I discovered that Act-On didn't have the ability to interface the webinar portion of Zoom, but from what I understand, with the recent enhancements, they now do. This is on my list of things to look into further. Best of luck with your set up!


  • Anne Mullaney

    Thanks, Cheryn.

    Zoom's not yet integrated with Act-on, but we're moving forward. Working on Zapier integrations. Check back with me and I'll share whatever it is we come up with. :-)


  • TruCode Marketing

    Sorry; that's what I meant, via Zapier. Last year, Zapier didn't even have the ability to interface the webinar functionality of Zoom. I would greatly appreciate hearing your experience making the transition. I will be sure to check back.

    Thanks, and good luck!


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