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Registering multiple event attendees via one form



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Anne! Great question. Here's one solution that we've implemented here at Act-On:

    The steps we followed to set this up are...

    1. Create a form with the fields you'd like for one individual submission
    2. Copy the form 3 times for a total of 4 forms (that all write to the same list)
    3. Embed the 4 forms into the same landing page
    4. Adjust the response text for the first 3 forms to say, "if you have more entries please submit them below"
    5. Adjust the response text for the final form to say, "if you have even more entries please refresh the page"

    Of course, that's just one possible way to address this. But it's pretty easy to get going!

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  • Anne Mullaney

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I ended up doing something very similar, except that instead of text blocks I created additional landing pages with the copied form embedded as the response pages. Your way is definitely less complex! 


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