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Veronica Williams


I wasn't sure if anyone from the Media Team uses AO to send press releases, pitches, etc.?

I am trying to find the best way to approach these types of communications because I know there is a tool in AO that can do this, I just wasn't sure how everyone is using it.

I want to make the experience easy and aesthetically pleasing to the journalists.

Thank you!



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    Lexi Baker
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    Hi Veronica,

    Great question -- and one of the first I had as well when I came onboard at Act-On as PR Manager. The challenging hurdle with leveraging Act-On for media communications comes down to compliance laws; many regions have specific privacy laws (i.e. GDPR, CCPA) where in order to send emails within the platform and build out follow-ups/nurture campaigns, the recipient has to opt in. It would be risky business to upload your media contact list into the database without their consent for communications, as tempting as it may be.

    You can build up this opted-in contact list by creating a form for them to fill out (i.e., "enter your email" to receive future press releases") and include a link to it throughout your media efforts. For instance, insert a CTA on your website's press room, at the end of press releases, or in your email signature when reaching out. In my honest opinion though, the response rate from journalists probably won't meet expectations.

    Now, as an alternative you can use the Act-On Anywhere plug-in when you send your one-off emails, allowing you to still see whether they opened your email and such.

    Curious to hear if other Act-On customers have had success with any of the above or their own media communication efforts within the platform? Apologies I'm not more help with this request. Best of luck and happy to talk through media outreach more with you!

    - Lexi Baker, Act-On MarComms Manager


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