Options for Wrapping Text around Images

Chris Apgar

Hi all,

I recently spent some time looking at the different options for text wrapping in Act-On, so I wanted to share some of the tips I found.

Landing Pages

By default, the Rich Text block will show images on their own line.

To make the text wrap, one easy way is to jump into the Source Code view and add the following styling to the image’s attributes:


You’ll see that this immediately causes the text to wrap around the image.

To flip the image to the other side, swap the “left” and “right” in the code block above. You can also customize the number of pixels if you’d like more or less spacing beside the image.


The tip above will work in the Email Composer as well, but when using custom HTML and CSS it’s very hard to predict how the message will appear in all apps on all devices, so make sure to test as much as possible. You can also use a table instead to achieve a similar effect. Simply create a 2x2 table in the Right Text Editor, then merge the bottom two cells. Add the appropriate amount of content in the different cells so that the text and image are nicely balanced – this may take a few edits – and you’ll be all set.

(Table borders left in for demonstration purposes – you’ll probably want to remove those in the table properties.)



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    Really good to know Chris, thanks for sharing!


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