Community Code of Conduct Pinned

Sarah Holt

Thank you for joining us here at Act-On Connect! Our community is a place where you can share useful information, learn from one another, and participate in great discussions with other professionals. As a general guideline, we hope that you always approach these discussions with a positive and respectful attitude.


  • Treat others with respect and courtesy
  • Be encouraging and welcoming
  • Provide sincere and constructive feedback
  • Give detailed suggestions or solutions
  • Ask questions that are relevant and on-topic

Code of Conduct Violations

The success of our community is built on principles of respect, support, and open-mindedness. Everyone deserves to participate in our online discussions safely, securely, and without fear of harassment. In addition, all content on Act-On Connect is publicly visible and subject to moderation. 

General Guidelines: 

  • Do not post harmful or hateful content
  • Do not spam or harass members
  • Do not solicit members for personal information
  • Do not post false or misleading content
  • Do not post private or personal information 
  • Do not post or link to any malicious software including but not limited to viruses, bots, trojan horses, or spyware
  • Do not self-promote or advertise on this platform 
  • Do not use this platform in any way that violates the Act-On Terms of Service Agreement

Any posts found violating the Community Code of Conduct or otherwise infringing on the rights of other individuals to use this platform safely will be subject to immediate removal. Furthermore, a member may be temporarily or permanently banned from participating on our platform, depending on the severity of their violation.




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