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The Content Catalog brings a fresh approach to designing your Automated Programs, allowing you to select from our growing library of Automated Program templates to use within your Act-On account. We've uploaded a number of Automated Program templates to your account by default, so you can quickly begin launching your marketing campaigns.



View Automated Program Templates

To find Automated Program templates, go to Content CatalogPrograms. Here, you'll have the option to:

  • Filter templates by type (on the left)
  • Search templates (on the right)
  • Preview program templates by clicking on the thumbnail image

Download Automated Program Templates

To download an Automated Program template:

  1. Click the thumbnail of the program template you'd like to use
  2. Click the Download To menu (top right) and select a folder to store your program template. You can add additional folders by going to Automation > Program Templates.
  3. Click Download to download your template:

Edit Your Template to Create a Program

Once you've downloaded an Automated Program template, it's time to add contacts and program messages to your new program template. To do this:

  1. Go to Automation > Automated Programs > Templates (tab), and in the Template Manager on the left, click the folder with your downloaded template:
  2. Hover over the Program Template and click Create Program From Template:
  3. A dialog appears explaining the process and detailing the assets required.
    Click Create program:
  4. The Automated Journey Builder appears with your template's program flow.
    Add the required assets to complete your program. For example, select the email message to send.
    See the Automated Journey Builder User Guide for more information.
  5. When you have finished, you can launch your program as explained here.

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