Hopin & Act-On with Zapier

Kristy Abero

There are native webinar integrations with Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. Act-On does not currently have a native integration with Hopin

Zapier will allow you to integrate the two platforms without a native integration for some workflows. This is based off of Actions and Triggers. We are limited to the Actions and Triggers Zapier has built for communication between Hopin & Act-On.

Zapier Actions
Hopin: Get Event Registrations
Act-On: New Form Submission
Act-On: New Automated Program External Call

Zapier Triggers
Hopin: Get Redeem (Token of some kind, I think this has to do with a unique conference/meeting access item)
Act-On: Add Contact to List
Act-On: Create Form Submission
Act-On: Update or Create Contact

You will need a Zapier account to build this out. 




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