Can contacts go through an early exit instead of opting out of our emails?

Nicolas Redmond

Our team has been creating automated programs for email campaigns recently. We have noticed in our monthly opt out reports that most people are opting out from our automated programs than our single send emails.

Based on our relationships with these contacts, we were told that they wanted to still receive our emails, just not from that specific automated program email campaign they came from. We would like to create that option for contacts to be removed from that specific campaign, but still receive our future emails.

Is there a possible way to do this with any Act-On tools offered? If not, what are some best practices that we could implement, so that our opt outs decrease from these campaigns? Should we create another link at the bottom of our emails to have them exit out of the program?



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    Andy Porter

    Depending on the number of automated programs you have running, using the subscription management might be the easiest way to go. With a small number of subscription types/programs, you can simply set up the program as one of your subscription categories. Just make sure to identify the program messages with the new category. Alternatively, you could have a separate form link to unsubscribe from that program in addition to the standard unsubscribe.


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