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Creating a Hierarchy to your Automated Programs

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  • Tatiana Lea

    Just thought I would add some clarification on this flow.

    For this APs hierarchy to work we do need to select which program would be 1, 2, 3.

    My APs  examples would be Air Sealing =1, Insulation =2, Indirect =3

    My AP Air Sealing would be first program so no need to add any conditions/check at the beginning.


    Program 2. Insulation would be checking if contacts are in the AP 1.Air Sealing and wait until contacts exit that program before proceeding any further.

    Here is my list that is matching to 1 contact above that entered and exited AP 1. Air sealing.


    Program 3. Indirect has now 2 checks (branches and wait steps) for AP 1. Air Sealing and AP 2. Insulation


    My list again is matching to what I am seeing in the program flow.

    Hope this help further. 

    Happy marketing


  • Kelli Bunting

    Hi @..., Can you tell me how you created the view of the lists above? It has the First Name, Last Name, Email, and then which automated program the contact is in. I'm curious how to create this for my programs! Thanks!

  • Michal Blazek

    Hello, unfortunately, I cannot see images from the article. Despite being logged in Connect, I see only 403 errors in JavaScript console:

  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Sorry guys just to clarify the screenshots I have provided are the images of my Marketing list, it is NOT a view of lists in my Automation programs.


    Also I have updated the images in the original post, hope everyone can see them now.





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