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Query Templates

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  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team
    @Eileen Chow, what an excellent use case for templates! Thank you for sharing !!!

    Tatiana Lea
    CSM, Act-On Software
    Original Message:
    Sent: 11-14-2017 13:24
    From: Eileen Chow
    Subject: Query Templates

    Yes! I love the fact you can save a set of filters and apply it to any dataset - it's a really neat idea and saves me loads of time, especially with new list uploads.

    I also like how the templates are shared across log-ins (though maybe in future consider public vs. private templates!) and the custom logic.

    Besides pure list segmentation for emails, I find it useful for data normalization and cleanup (titles, industries, junk entries etc.) as well as a quick way to do rollup counts to visualize the audience of specific lists.

    Company name cleanup

    Title identification

    Eileen Chow
    Director, Demand Generation Operations, Evergage

    Original Message:
    Sent: 11-14-2017 11:57
    From: Tatiana Lea
    Subject: Query Templates

    I was just reading the thread created by @Steve Gillissie 'Creating Master List' and great suggestions from @Eileen Chow on type of segmentation you might want to create and that got me thinking -  has our community members and customers are utilising Query Templates functionality in Segmentation?

    We do recommend to have a Master List especially if a customer does not have CRM but the reality is that often there are more than one  or three lists in the system.

    Query Template - is a great little neat functionality which allows you to build perhaps more complex or most used queries/expressions and re-apply* them to any list you might have in the platform to build your required segments.

    • Start by creating a segment
    • Built your queries/expressions
    • Click on 'Query Templates' in Blue
    • Give your query a Name and Save
    Next go to another list and click on create a segment, click again on 'Query Template' and select the required saved query, et voila you have that segment built!

    Query template for Director

    (* your lists would required to have Profile fields used for building that query, so say if your query uses a Job Title that field needs to be in that other list too in order to work)

    This feature would be familiar to customers who have used another MA tool that rhymes with Greendot ;)


    Tatiana Lea
    CSM, Act-On Software

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