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Mailbox is full bounces


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    Kristy Abero

    Hi Karli, 

    I'd love to chime in on this! Soft Bounces are usually what occurs when an email inbox is full. In regards to Soft Bounces, sending again isn't necessarily as bad for your Deliverability reputation as Hard Bounces so you are able to re-send to Soft Bounces. You could do this indefinitely, but we don't recommend that. 

    This is why we have an Inactive Soft Bounce List! You can learn more about setting up a consecutive soft bounce threshold here. Once set up, after a certain number of soft bounces in a row, lets say 5 or 10, then the email gets moved to the Inactive Soft Bounce List to be suppressed just as a Hard Bounce would. This is to keep you from hurting your Deliverability by sending to Soft Bounce emails when it's clear they'll never be accepted, which will eventually hurt your reputation. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


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