Using ActOn beacon for user identification

Michal Blazek

Hello, Because of architecture of our system, I need to send forms data only via backend. That means I am not able to identify visitor via cookie when form is sent.

However, I have a Google Tag Manager on the website and I can send a JS beacon. 

I found this article which introduces ActOn.Beacon.track method. Can I also use this method like this with user identification:

ActOn.Beacon.track(event,'form',new Date().getTime(), { usermail: });

What is the correct syntax? Some other systems have something like: service(identify, "email");

Alternative method would be Ajax post request or any kind of GET request via image or iframe. But I am not able to find correct syntax. I prefer JS solution described above.

Thank you! 



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    Tatiana Lea

    Hello Michal 
    I will also go ahead and raise this as a support ticket.




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