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Using image maps to put multiple links in an image

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  • Kristy Abero Act-On Team

    Game changer! Such a great idea for when folks want to use banner images with "buttons" in an email or so many other ideas! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

  • Juhi Khanchandani

    Hi Chris,

    I've tried this and it does not work. I have tested it through the custome-code function and the Rich Text function as well. Neither of them consisted of the clicks. 

    Could you please help?


  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Juhi - would be happy to take a look. Could you post in the HTML that you've generated with the image map details? If you'd rather not share that publicly you can also email it to

  • David Cath


    Image mapping has been successful for emails on desktop, but when testing on mobile, it appears like the mapping is off-kilter. I am using an image with 650px width, so it is cropped correctly before inputting into the email.

    Any insight into how this could be fixed?

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