Where to find various IDs for calls

Brad Karnafel

I am looking for where I can see various IDs that are required for creating calls to the OAuth API and setting up an ETE.

Account ID - I assume this is the value listed in settings/account in parenthesis on the account line

Client ID & Client Secret - I see that these should be listed in settings/other settings/custom account settings, but they are currently blank.  Are these meant to be generated by the account owner?

Template ID - No idea where to get this, but need it.

Any insight as to where I can get this information, or the information itself, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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    Tatiana Lea

    Hey Brad 

    If you reach out to our support and provide email address that was used for the developer account, one of our engineers can look into getting client ID & client secret for you.

    Account ID can be found on the Home/Start page.


    Template ID - do you mean Email Template? You should be able to see in the URL (t-0034)

    Hope this helps



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