Ugly Email Tracker Blocker

Ann Ketron

How does Act-On avoid email tracking blockers like Ugly Email? This is a concern for our marketing and sales efforts.





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    Kristy Abero
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    Hi Ann, 

    Ugly Email is a service that identifies and blocks tracking pixels from multiple services across the web. As of now, Act-On is not on their blocked trackers list. 

    In regards to prevention, I am not a lawyer nor am I giving legal advice, but there is not a way to prevent online users from opt-ing out of tracking beacons and pixels due to privacy laws. You should always allow your contact preferences to be honored, and if that means they wish to not be tracked or cookied, then you should respect that. 

    While of course we wish that the behavioral insights available via tracking and beacons was visible on all contacts, the world of online privacy will only continue to become more customizable for users. Marketers should take this as a sign that now it is more true than ever that only sending to people who want your emails will improve your performance, and this will only continue to be more true in the future. 

    I hope that helps!


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