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Using Hard Bounces as a Lead Scoring Option

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  • Tatiana Lea

    Hi Nicolas

    Why would you score negatively for people who hard bounce? Typically hard bounce means mailbox is no longer exists so a recipient most likely left company.

    For the Opt outs I am thinking you can segment your Main List for contacts who have opted out, setup List Maintenance Program to update field "Opt Out" with value Yes or True or 1, add "Opt Out" field to Standar Fields and then in the scoring rules add under Profile, Opt Out contains that value.

    This needs testing as people potentially could opt back in and you might want to incorporate that situation too into the logic.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

    Happy Marketing



  • Nicolas Redmond

    Hi Tatiana!

    All of our contacts are from Microsoft Dynamics and sync every day into Act-On. With that connection to the CRM, we also connect the Act-On lead scores to the contact's CRM profile for sales users to review those scores. We have A LOT of contacts in the CRM, and a good amount of those contacts are hard bounced emails. We would like mark all of those hard bounces with a negative score, so that sales users can search all contacts with a negative Act-On score, and clean up those contacts, or get an updated email address.

    We wanted to find easy ways for sales users to see a list of Hard Bounces and review the contact, since Act-On doesn't share hard bounce information to the CRM (unless there is another way.)

  • Tatiana Lea

    Hello Nicolas

    I see your use case now! Do you definitely would like to use lead scoring to identify people who have hard bounced? (I believe there is a workaround to push Hard Bounce back to MSD)

    Have you thought about applying the same logic above as I have described for Opt Outs?

    1. Add Column Hard Bounce to your Leads/Contact Lists
    2. Segment Leads/Contacts lists by behaviors segmentation - Hard bounce in all time at least one

    3. Create a List Maintenance Program to Update the field with Change Colum Value to something like 1 or True.

    4. In Standard Field Names add field - Hard Bounce

    5. Go to your Scoring Rules and Update with rule under Profile, I keep my Profile scoring separate from Actions scoring in 2 different scoresheets and push them to CRM into 2 separate score fields.

    I give - 1000

    This is a record in Act-On:


    This is a view in CRM


    Hope this helps



  • Nicolas Redmond

    Hey Tatiana!

    This has helped my process SO MUCH! I can't thank you enough on this!

  • Tatiana Lea

    Excellent, glad it helped your process :)

    You are welcome and happy Marketing!


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