End of Life Support for Unsecured FTP Connections to Act-On

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Act-On is committed to constant improvement to security for our customers and protecting your data.

As part of our commitment, we are updating our FTP policy to require all connections to be secured (FTPS) as of January 9th, 2023. We will continue to support all secure FTP connections with Act-On, and any customer who has connected their FTP using a secured connection will not experience any interruptions.

If you are connected to Act-On without a secure connection, you will need to take action to keep from experiencing any interruptions to your connection.

Required Steps

Confirm that your FTP client and any workflows or automation using FTP to connect to Act-On has the following configuration:

Site Name Act-On
Host/IP/URL This varies by region:
  • US/West: ftp2.actonsoftware.com
  • IE: ftp4.actonsoftware.com
  • DE: ftp5.actonsoftware.com
  • CA: ftp-ca.actonsoftware.com

If you do not know the region for your account, you can locate your FTP host in Act-On by going to Settings > Connectors > Data Sources > FTP.

Port 21
Connection AUTH TLS
Mode Passive

Tip! Act-On recommends the Core FTP client to transfer your data. Read more about configuring Core FTP.

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