Using the Bitly Connector

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Act-On's integration with Bitly lets you shorten your URLs to provide links to customers that are easy to read and share with others.

Set up the Connector

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors
  2. Click Bitly from the main screen
  3. Click Connect
  4. Sign in to Bitly (or sign up for a new account)
  5. Click Allow to authorize Act-On to access your account


Shorten Landing Page Links

  1. Navigate to Content > Landing Pages and locate the page that you want to shorten
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Landing Page name, then choose to Get Public URLs
  3. Hover your mouse over the URL category (eg., Default), then click Short URL


The Bitly link will appear below. If you access your Bitly account through their website, you will see your Act-On shortened links there as well.

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