Checking Your Subscription Management List

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When the subscription management feature is enabled and set up in your Act-On account, email recipients can subscribe to specific email categories. This will promote more interaction (opens and clicks) with your emails.

When an Act-On email is sent and recipients click the Act-On opt-out link, they will be sent to the Subscription page. On the Subscription page, they can decide which email categories to subscribe to or to opt out of all emails completely. Once this is complete, the Subscription Management account list is automatically populated.

To access the list:

  1. Click Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists
  2. Click Subscription Management
  3. Open the Subscription Management List to view contacts and prospects who have subscribed to specific email categories.
    In the list, the default (blank) is opted in. True means the contact explicitly opted in, and false means the contact took action to opt out (unticked the category).

When you create an email and specify a subscription category, Act-On will only send the email to individuals who specifically subscribed to the same category. Act-On will automatically refer to this account list upon that email send.



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