Salesforce Integration FAQs & Troubleshooting

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Which Salesforce API version does Act-On connect to?

Our integration is built using Salesforce's REST API version 49.0.

Can I connect my Salesforce account to more than one Act-On account?

Yes. See our related article for more information on this configuration.

I received an error that I am switching organizations, what should I do?

This typically occurs when you were once connected with Salesforce and are now connecting to a different account, or your email domain has changed. Further action is necessary to maintain integration and our support team will assist you.

It looks like you are switching organizations. Please contact Act-On support to continue

If you have received this error message, contact our support team for further assistance.

Why is Salesforce suddenly disconnected?

The most common cause for a disconnected account is a password change or password expiration in Salesforce. User passwords will expire after a specified time as set by your Salesforce administrator. By default, this is set to every 90 days. The Salesforce user credentials in Act-On must be updated whenever a password has been changed to prevent interruptions with your Act-On integration. 

Note: Your Salesforce user will have a new security token with each password reset.

To avoid this issue, we recommend turning off password expiration. For more information, see Best Practices (above).

Other causes for disconnection with Salesforce:

  • The username has changed
  • Inadequate Salesforce user permissions
  • The Salesforce user has been set to inactive or is otherwise disabled

Once you have verified you have the correct credentials to your Salesforce account (and you have generated a new security token, if the password has changed), you may proceed to reconnect in Act-On.

Click on Update Login and enter the new password + security token (with no spaces or characters). 



How can I connect Act-On to my Salesforce Developer or Sandbox account?

Developer Edition (free) accounts can be connected to Act-On as a Production account.

If you have a Salesforce Sandbox that accompanies your Salesforce production account, see our article here for instructions: Setting Up the Salesforce Sandbox Connector

How can I connect when my Salesforce account has Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enabled?

You must connect to Act-On with a user who does not have Multi-Factor Authentication for API Logins enabled. If your account has this turned on, you should create an integration-only user and permission set if you have not already done this.

For complete instructions, see Connecting Act-On with Salesforce when you have MFA enabled.

The 'Salesforce Connector Requires Attention' Message

The content in the 'Salesforce Connector Requires Attention' email sent by Act-On is verbiage that comes directly from Salesforce.

Act-On relays the error message to its users whenever there is a failed API call attempt so that they can check the connection.

In addition to the reasons listed in the automated email, there may also be several other causes, including:

Salesforce Outage

Check here to see if there is a current Salesforce service incident.

Salesforce maintenance

Salesforce usually performs general maintenance activities over the weekend, so this email is more likely during that time. Act-On continues to complete any pending jobs during that time so that when maintenance is complete we can run all pending jobs and no action is required from you.

API call limit

If you have several installed packages that utilize APIs, you can check the number of API requests sent in the last 24 hours in your Salesforce account by clicking Your Name > Setup > Company Profile > Company Information. Look for the API Requests, Last 24 Hours field in the right-hand column.

Other Scenarios

There may be other circumstances in which the connector may not connect successfully to Salesforce; however, the reasons listed in the email along with the three causes above are the primary reasons. Temporary failures not involving password or security token changes do not require action from you. The connection will be re-established the next time an API call is made and Act-On will complete the pending jobs.

For additional information from Salesforce that may be helpful in better understanding API call limits and monitoring, click here.

Salesforce Sync Error "There's a problem with this state"

When pushing data to Salesforce such as a new lead or a contact update, the State/Province and Country fields may require specific data values to be accepted by Salesforce.

If the field value is incorrect, the record will fail to sync which can result in missing new leads or out-of-date contact information in your Salesforce account.

This error message may appear in your list sync report and/or your form push errors:

  • There's a problem with this state, even though it may appear correct. Please select a state from the list of valid states.: State/Province
  • There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.: Country

There are multiple solutions to this error, depending on what your organization needs.

Solution Pros Cons

Update the field(s) in your Act-On form(s)*

  • Maintain standardized field values in Salesforce
  • This is the best practice to maintain consistent data across your organization's information systems
  • It may take some time to update all of your forms.
  • You may also need to update the data in your Act-On Form Submission list to push the missing contacts into Salesforce
Disable State/Country Picklists in Salesforce
  • You can easily push your leads into Salesforce after the setting is disabled
  • No changes necessary to your Act-On Forms
  • Field values in Salesforce and Act-On may not be standardized. This can impact reporting, lead assignment, alerts, segmentation, etc.

Solution 1: Update your Act-On Form(s) to match Salesforce

Step 1: Correct the Act-On Form(s)

Ask your Salesforce administrator if you are using the default picklists for State and Country/Territory, or if these lists have been customized.

  • Default Picklists
    Act-On has content fragments available that are compatible with the default settings on Salesforce State (US only) and Country address fields.
    1. To access these, go to Content > Catalog > Content Fragments.
    2. Download the Country Dropdown (full names) and/or State Dropdown (full names).
    3. Replace your Country and/or State field in the form with this content fragment.
  • Custom Picklists
    If you are using a custom State and/or Country dropdown, or you need a State picklist for a country other than the US, ask your Salesforce administrator to provide a listing of Country and/or State names and values in a two-column CSV file (where column 1 is the Label that shows on the picklist and column 2 is the Value that goes to Salesforce). You can upload this to your form and create a custom picklist with ease. As a best practice, create this as a Content Fragment for use in future forms. More on Content Fragments here: Content Fragments and Saved Sections in Forms

Step 2: Recover Missing Leads

  1. Manually update the data values in the missing form submissions to match the values accepted by Salesforce.
  2. Push the Act-On form submission list to Salesforce for the missing leads to appear.

Solution 2: Disable Picklist in Salesforce

Step 1: Correct the Form push

This must be performed by your Salesforce Administrator.

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Data Management > State and Country/Territory Picklists.
  2. Click Disable.

Step 2: Recover Missing Leads

The Act-On admin or marketing user may now push the Act-On form submission list to Salesforce for the missing leads to appear.

Disabling the picklists in Salesforce impacts the fields and values for existing records as well as new ones. This may cause data disruption. Review the warnings from Salesforce and determine if this is the best choice for your organization. 

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