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Automatically Update Copyright Year

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  • Tatiana Lea Act-On Team

    Thank you for this share Robert! So in time for the new year indeed.


  • Paul Vrooman

    This was helpful--UNTIL the last part. "...all that's left is to...replace all of the hard coded years...". Sorry, we're not all comfortable with code. Can you continue the instructions all the way through to the desired result?



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Paul! Good news, there is no code required there. "Replace all of the hard coded years" is just a more technical way of saying, "replace all of the years that were typed in by hand." At that point of the process, you just need to go through your entire account and replace any spot that says " Copyright ©2020" (or 2019 etc.) with your new custom field, eg. "Copyright ©{{AccountCustom.year}}". This takes a bit of time, but once it's done you'll never have to do it again!

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