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    Kristy Abero Act-On Team

    Hi there, 

    When creating a list in Act-On you can upload a list via CSV/XLS file, CRM integration, or via custom built API. If you want to move forward using our API, you can find some reference documentation here:

    Let me know if I can clarify further. 



  • Chris Apgar

    Kristy is exactly right as far as the core function/limitations of the API, but one other idea that might work for you is to use a Form Post URL to add records to the list one at a time. This obviously won't work if you're working with a very large list, but if you're currently processing individual records in your code and want to add each one to an Act-On list, this might be a viable option.

  • Jaime Haro

    Thanks Kristy and Chris for your replies

    Chris, your answer is exactly what I was trying to get.

    Currently, I am using the Form Post method to send daily records from my external platform to a list, in the middle I am using the form to execute a mail delivery to the mail associated with each record. This method has worked well so far.

    What I want is to change the methodology. My database is getting bigger and the volume of sended records is consequently higher.

    My goal is that through API send a set of data from my base to a list and change the method of sending mail so that an automatic program sends to the list that I have loaded daily.


    I reviewed this documentation

    but It seems to me nothing optimal that I have to generate a csv to bulk upload to a list (can the csv be in an FTP on my side?)


    on the other hand:

    it would be (if I'm not mistaken) similar to what I am doing right now 1 by 1 ... with the disadvantage that through API we are conditioned to a limited number of calls

    what can you recommend me ... Thank you for your valuable response.



  • Chris Apgar

    Hi Jaime - thanks for the additional information! The bottom line here is that you're reading the docs correctly: adding to a list via API is only possible either a) via CSV or b) one-by-one. There should be conversion tools available to get records from your database out into CSV format without too much trouble, but it sounds like you're looking to avoid that.

    Here are two other options that might work for you:

    • FTP sync - You can set up a list in Act-On that periodically syncs via FTP, then add that list as the source of your Automated Program. Upon each scheduled sync, contacts will be entered into the program automatically and the associated email will be sent.
    • Zapier - Instead of syncing via FTP, you can use another storage location of your choice (Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.) and set up Zapier to "listen" to that folder. When you add a new file to that folder, you can automatically import those contacts to a list... then that will add to your program just like above

    Both of them are still going to involve creating a file from your database, but hopefully they're reasonable alternatives for what you're looking to do!

  • Jaime Haro

    Hello Chris

    Yor feedback is very helpful

    I'll try the solutions you recommend 

    Thank you so much.


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