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The best way to collect customer data in Act-On is through our native forms, but that is not the only way to collect form data in Act-On. If your website uses a custom form that cannot be rebuilt in Act-On, or you are collecting data from a form somewhere else and want to send that data over to Act-On, it is possible to push that form's submissions into Act-On by using a Form Post URL.

WordPress users: See the article External Form integration for WordPress 


Step 1: Create your Forms

Before you start, you will need to create the form that will collect data. This can be a form on your website, or with a third-party. Note that if you want to send data from a third-party form to Act-On, you must have HMTL source code access to the form, or the form must have a field to accept and an external URL to post data.

Then, create a functional "copy" of that form in Act-On. The form in Act-On should include all of the data fields that you are collecting. Make sure the field names match.

Step 2: Create a Form Post URL

To create a new Form Post URL:

  1. In your account, click on Content > Form Post URLs. 
  2. Click Get Form Post URL 
  3. Select a form from the drop-down menu
  4. Give the form a Tag/Source Name for the URL (e.g., "Google AdWords Campaign")
  5. Copy the new URL generated and use this on the form that will be collecting submissions.



Step 3: Add the External Form Post

On your web page, add the external post URL to the form HTML as a form action attribute.
Example: <form action=”">

Other form builders may have an external post URL field where you can enter this value.

(If you already have this attribute in use on the form, that code will have to be removed.)

Always test your form to make sure it is sending data to your Act-On Form Submission List.

Things to know:

  • This method does not capture _REFERRER, _SEARCH, or other similar metadata. These are captured with Act-On's native forms.

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