Managing Act-On Form Submission Lists

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Act-On Forms will collect and store all data submitted by form visitors in a form submission list.  When creating a new Form in the Forms Composer, you'll specify whether your Form's data will go into a new or existing form submission list.


Create a New List for Your Form

To create a new form submission list for your Act-On Form:

  1. Go to Content > Forms and at the top right, click Create form.

  2. In the Forms Composer, go to the Properties tab.

  3. Under List, enter a List Name to create a new form submission list.
    • You'll find your new list in the Default Folder under Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions once your Form begins collecting submissions


Select an Existing List for Your Form

To add submitted Form data to an existing form submission list:

  1. Go to the Properties tab in the Forms Composer.

  2. Under List, click Select Existing List  to the right of the input field.

  3. Select an existing form submission list from the pop-up menu.

Learn more about existing form submission lists and the Always Append feature.


Be careful! Your Form's column names in Field Mappings must match the column names of your selected list. If these fields don't match when saving your Form, you'll get an error prompting you to re-map columns to resolve this.


Combining Multiple Form Submission Lists

If you'd like to share data across multiple form submission lists or want to merge submission data to your primary marketing list, you can use a List Maintenance Program to copy or merge data across lists.

Learn more about List Maintenance Programs.

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