Adding Form Submissions to an Existing List and Using the Always Append Feature

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When creating a new Act-On form, a new form submission list is always created by default. However, you have the option to send your form submissions to another existing Act-On list (either a Marketing list, Form Submission list, or Webinar list). You can also choose if you want the Act-On form to keep duplicate submissions or update previous submissions.

The list type you choose does not affect functionality in any way and is merely a method for you to organize your records and workflow. You can collect data from several forms in a single list. This makes it easy to use the list to respond to specific form submissions.


Add Form Submissions to an Existing List

  1. Click on Content > Forms.

  2. At the top right, click Create form.

  3. In the Properties tab of the Forms Composer, in the List area, select the four-lined icon on the far right to see a pop-up menu of your current account lists:


  4. Select an existing form submission list or marketing list to store your form submissions.

  5. After selecting a list, verify that your field mapping is aligned with the selected list – this will prevent duplicate list columns when sending new form submissions to your list.

The Always Append Feature

When you create a new form submission list, you'll notice a checkbox called Always Append. By default, this feature is disabled. By keeping it disabled, the Act-On form will not allow duplicate submissions based on the user's email address. Act-On will simply update the previous form submission with the new form submission.

For example, if submitted the form twice, the form submission list will overwrite the first submission with the information from the second submission.

If you enable Always Append, the Act-On form will allow duplicate submissions based on email addresses. For example, if submitted the form twice, the form submission list will contain two entries for and treat them as unique submissions.


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