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Use the technology of OpenAI to create new content for your emails with Act-On AI Create. In the Email Composer, request the AI to generate specific content, similar to ChatGPT.

Accessing Act-On AI Create

To check if you have access to Act-On AI:

  1. Start a new email (or edit an existing email) & add a Rich Text block.
    Go to OutboundNew MessageBlank Message > Design tab > Content > drag a Rich Text block onto a section. 

  2. The Rich Text Block editor opens. If you can see Create with AI at the bottom left:

    Rich_Text_Block_01.png're good to go!
    If not an Act-On administrator can enable this feature from Settings > Other Settings > Custom Account Settings > Labs tab > Open AI Integration..., as shown:

  3. Click Cancel and Close to close the email editor.

Using Act-On AI Create

To use AI to generate email content in Act-On:

  1. When creating or editing an email or email template, in a Rich Text block (see the Email Composer User Guide), at the lower right, click Create with AI (pictured above).

  2.  In the Generate AI Content dialog:
    Complete the required options: select a Content type, type an Email summary in the box, and choose a Content length.
    To further assist the AI, select a Marketing intent and Tone of voice from the lists, add your Company name and Company URL in the boxes, and select Include subject line if desired.
    For more information on each option, hover over the info_icon.png.  
  3. When you have finished, click Create content.
    Your Generated content appears on the right, for example:


    Tip: If you don't like the generated content, click Try again. You can leave the field details as is, or change some of the options to vary the response even more.
  4. When you are happy with the generated content, click Insert.
    The content appears in the Rich Text editor, ready for you to add to your email, for example:


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