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Rows are foundational to your email design. They serve as the container for Content Blocks and are crucial for mobile responsiveness. Unlike fixed-width layouts, Rows in this builder automatically adjust to the screen size of the device on which they are displayed. The builder provides various settings for Rows, which allow you to apply design elements to multiple Content Blocks at once.

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

Selecting a Row

To make changes to a Row, you first need to select it:

  1. Hover over the space to the left or right of the content area.  appears on the left, enabling you to drag the Row.

Row Properties (new Email Composer) 01.png

  1. Click outside the content area to select the Row. Selecting a Row will automatically deselect any previously selected Content Block.

Row Properties (new Email Composer) 02.png

Once you've selected a Row, the sidebar displays properties you can modify:

Row Properties (new Email Composer) 03.png

Row Properties

Here are some of the properties you can adjust for a selected Row:

  • Row background color: Set the background color for the entire Row.
  • Content area background color: Specify the background color for just the content area within the Row.
  • Row background image: Select an image to be the background for the row. Learn more
  • Content area border: Set a border around the content area with customizable color, width, and style. Learn more
  • Content area rounded corners: Add rounded corners to the content area.
  • Vertical align: Choose the vertical alignment for the content within the Row. Options usually include top, middle, and bottom.
  • Stack on mobile: Select off to prevent the content within the Row from stacking vertically on mobile devices.
  • Stack order on mobile: Reverses the order of content when stacked vertically on mobile devices.
  • Hide on Mobile/Desktop: Makes the Row invisible on mobile or desktop devices.

Dynamic Content

Choose whether to display a Row in the email depending on the conditions you define. Learn more

Columns Structure

Resize columns, add or remove them, & align content. See Column Management.

Also, for the selected column, you can set Padding on all or any side, and a Border of any color, solid, dotted, or dashed.

Saved Rows

Share email content across email designs and Act-On users!

Save your Row designs to reuse, keeping the contents & their properties. This enables the sharing of content between your email designs and other Act-On users.

Saving a Row

  1. When you have a completed Row design you want to save, select it by clicking to the left or right of the content area.
  2. At the top right of the selected Row, click   (also available at the top of the sidebar).
  3. Enter a Row name & click Save.

The Row is now shared for other email designs and Act-On users in your instance.

Row Properties (new Email Composer) 01.gif

Accessing Saved Rows

  1. In the Row tab of the sidebar, from the dropdown at the top, select My saved rows.
  2. Find the Row you want. Searching on the Row name is available.
  3. Drag the Row you want into your email design.
Tip: Rows saved by all Act-On users in your instance are available for emails you all design in the new Email Composer.

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