List Management Options

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The features below allow you to manage your lists to ensure you have the appropriate number of records and active contacts.

Basic Options

To access these list management features, click on Contacts, click Marketing Lists, or click on Other Lists and click on Form Submissions, or Webinar Lists. Hover over the list in question and click the green drop-down menu and click Mailings to List.

  • Count Active Contacts In List – This allows you to check the number of active contacts that have been used for the calendar month in the entire account and for the list specifically. You'll also see the number of active contacts still available.
  • Send a Message to This List – By choosing this option, you'll be able to compose an email using the Act-On Message Builder. The Address step (2) will only show 'Send to List' and will not allow you to identify any other list or segment.
  • Show Mailings to This List – Allows you to identify all email campaigns sent directly to this list.
  • Define a Segment of This List – Create a segment of contacts from this list based on profile or behavioral attributes.
  • Generate A/B Splits – Randomly segment a list for message feedback purposes to gauge which message version performs best.

List Quality

  • Delete Duplicates – Act-On will search your list and locate entries with identical email addresses. The default setting is to keep the first of the duplicate entries but you will have the option to view all entries and select the preferred one to keep.
  • Scrub Email Addresses – Performs a search on your list that will locate entries with obvious errors in the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields. Correct errors by simply clicking on the values you would like to manipulate, make any necessary corrections, and click the green checkmark to confirm.
  • Remove Bounces and Opt-Outs – Allows you to remove spam complaints, hard bounces, and opt-outs from a list.
  • Run Domains Report – Displays a listing of all domains within the list.

List Import/Export

  • Download to CSV – Downloads the list to a CSV file.
  • Manage FTP Sync – Schedules a list FTP sync and options (if enabled).
  • Append To This List  – Allows you to add contacts in bulk to your list. Sources include Excel/CSV files or other lists that you have created within Act-On. After a source is chosen, appending to the list follows the same process as a typical import.
  • View Last Append Results – Displays results from the last append to the list.

CRM Integration

  • Push to Salesforce/CRM – Allows you to send an arbitrary list to your Salesforce account. If a list was imported from Salesforce this will synchronize the list with the original list;. Pushes to Salesforce can be scheduled to occur at specific times and can be set to synchronize based on your preferences.
  • CRM Sync Setup – Allows you to set up the bidirectional sync between Act-On and your CRM. This can be scheduled to occur at specific times.

Mailings To This List

  • Show Mailings To This List – Displays a list of all messages sent to a list. More information above.
  • Send Message To This List – Create a message to send to this list. More information above.
  • Count Active Contacts in This List – Calculates the number of active contacts that are left for the month for the Primary List as well as the selected list.

List Maintenance

  • Set Up Maintenance Program – Allows you to establish a List Maintenance program based on specific attributes.
  • Change Column Values – Allows you to change a value within a column for the entire list or segment.


  • Change List Columns – Allows users to rename columns in their list or add and delete columns in the list.
  • Identify List Columns – Displays system usage names and allows the user to map to the filed names.


  • Refresh Record Count – The record count in a list is updated at scheduled intervals but selecting this option will update the record count immediately. Use this feature when you add or delete users from a list and would like to see an immediate count of the updated list.
  • Removing Records & Lists – options Move To Trash, Delete Immediately, and Clear Records are described here.

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