Managing the Webinars Listing in Citrix GoToWebinar

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Learn about the functions available in the Citrix GoToWebinar event listing.

To access the Webinars listing, click on Automation > WebinarsClick the Upcoming tab at the top of the page to see a list of upcoming webinars and to add Act-On webinar programs to them.

  • In the listing, any webinar that has an Act-On webinar program associated with it will have a scroll icon next to it to indicate a program has been added
  • Click the name of any webinar that does not have a scroll icon to add an Act-On webinar program to it. This will bring you to the Act-On webinar dashboard.
  • If the webinar already has an Act-On webinar program associated with it (as indicated by the scroll icon) you can edit the settings of the program by clicking the webinar title
  • If you would like to remove the Act-On webinar program you've added to a webinar, hover over the webinar and click Remove

You can also view information about past webinars by clicking the Past link at the top of the listing. Click the webinar title to access the webinar dashboard.


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