A Few Words About Marketing Strategy

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In the world of marketing, there are always pressing needs and deadlines to launch content/campaigns. 
But taking an occasional step back to identify goals and refine your strategy will almost always pay off in better long-term results.

Strategic Marketing Questions

  1. What is your biggest marketing need right now?
  2. Which parts of the marketing funnel/journey work best right now? And where do your prospects typically fall out of the funnel?
  3. What are your definitions for success in the next 30-60 days?
  4. Which of your marketing platforms (blog, webinar system, etc.) are working best? How do you track the ROI today?
  5. What are your most valuable marketing content assets today? Are you gating them behind forms?

Why is this important?

Act-On can help you in the digital areas where you are strongest and those where you need the most help. We highly encourage you to share this information when interacting with your Account Manager, CSM, and our support team so that we can best assist you.

Strategic Sales Questions

  1. How does Marketing interact with Sales today?
  2. How much would you like Sales to leverage your Act-On assets and templates?
  3. Does Sales rely on Marketing to generate leads for them now? How would you like that change?
  4. Do Sales and Marketing have an agreed-upon lead flow/funnel? If yes, are these funnel stages clearly documented?
  5. When does Sales convert a Lead to an Opportunity?
  6. Do you currently market differently to each stage of your funnel?
  7. Do you know your buyer? Have you developed a Buyer Persona?
  8. Do you have a documented Buyer Process that has been agreed upon by Sales?

Why is this important?

Act-On works best if you use it to transition prospects through each step of your established buying journey. Put simply, this is how you transition prospects to a chat with your sales team. We've found that our customers are most successful when their Marketing and Sales teams are aligned on their expectations and goals.

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