Starting a Lead Nurture Program

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Drip marketing simply means sending marketing messages at a specific tempo. Like the drip irrigation systems they’re named after, these messages land right where they’re supposed to go, over time, with a minimum of waste.

1. Target your intended audience with segmentation 

List segmentation is a key activity when deciding who to send emails to, and what type of content to send. If you have not yet created Nurture List Segments, click here for the steps. 

2. Create your email templates for each Nurture Program

Next, you will need to build email templates for each of your nurture programs. Remember to target the content to the most relevant message for your specific segment!

3. Create your Automated Program

Once your segments and messages are ready, you can create an Automated Program to run contacts through the process. If you need a head start, check out or our library of Automated Program templates to launch a campaign from one of our time-tested presets.

4. Using the Automated Programs Dashboard

The data within the Automated Programs dashboard helps you understand how effective each step is in nurturing your contacts. Simply hover over the intended program and click Dashboard to view some statistics.


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