Best Practice: How to Manage Leads Before Adding Them to Your CRM

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Use Act-On to maximize the potential of contacts not yet in your CRM to be MQLs with the following two steps:

Step 1: Nurture Your non-CRM Contacts

Create a nurturing process for your non-CRM contacts as follows:

A. Segment the Contacts

The contacts will likely be at different stages; some nearly MQLs some completely new. Segment the contacts based on their buying stages, for example using lead scoring, AI predictive lead score, or custom touch points. For more details, see Creating a Segment and Create buying stages segments.

B. Create Targeted Content

Use email templates to create messages targeted to each segment. Also, personalize the emails to increase their open rate.

C. Automate Your Nurturing Process

Create automated programs to send your targeted content to the contact segments. Try a template from our content catalog to get you started. View your program's performance to ensure your contacts are being successfully nurtured.

The Automated Program should manage your contacts through the nurturing process to being MQLs. Also see Starting a Lead Nurture Program.

Step 2: Push MQLs to Your CRM with an Automated Program

Once contacts have been nurtured to MQLs, push their details to your CRM. To do this, create an Automated Program with a create in CRM step. See the following for your CRM:

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