Inserting Hyperlinks in Emails

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Hyperlinks are a critical way to add a call-to-action to your emails and generate message engagement from your prospects.

How it Works

When a recipient clicks the hyperlink within an email, Act-On will place a cookie on their browser, making them a "known visitor." The next time the recipient navigates to your website, you'll be able to identify them by name and email.

By default, Act-On will change the URLs of all your hyperlinks to make them trackable in the system. This involves adding UTM parameters and other details to the end of your links. If you do not want your link to be trackable and want to exclude these parameters, add ao-notrack=1 to your link's anchor tag in the source code. Here's an example:

<a ao-notrack=1 href="">Visit Google</a>

See below for additional instructions.


Insert a Hyperlink

  1. Create a new email, or edit an existing email draft.
  2. Hover over the Rich Text block, and click the Chain Link icon.
  3. Highlight any text, or click on an image that you want to hyperlink.
  4. Click Insert/Edit Link.
  5. Enter the URL (always include "http://" or "https://" at the start).
    • Optionally, specify a target: open in the same or a new browser window
    • Optionally, add a title to this hyperlink for reporting purposes
  6. Click Insert.


Suppress Tracking on a Hyperlink

  1. In the Rich Text block editor, click the Source code icon:
  2. Click into your hyperlink's anchor tag and insert ao-notrack=1 before your href attribute:
  3. Click OK.

Remove a Hyperlink

  1. Highlight any text or image that you want to unlink.
  2. Click Unlink (next to the Link icon).
  3. If desired, follow the steps above to insert a new hyperlink.

Hyperlink Underlining

You can choose whether to have hyperlinks underlined or not in your emails or email templates:

  1. Open to edit your email (for example, go to Outbound > Drafts) or email template (go to Content > Email Templates).
  2. In the Design tab of the email composer, on the right, click Message Styling.
  3. Under Colors, select or clear the Underline Links checkbox:

Inserting Hyperlinks in Emails 01.png

This sets underlines for all hyperlinks in that email or email template.

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