How to Add an Opt-Out Link to an Email

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Marketing messages must include an opt-out link unsubscribe. This is included in Act-On's default footer, however, there may be times you wish to add an opt-out link in a custom Email Footer, or even add it to the body of your message.

Opt-Out Link Options

Act-On has two different Opt-Out links available, and the third link for Subscription Preferences only.

These links are dynamically generated for each individual Message and Contact.

They are intended for use in the header, body, or footer of your Email Message.

Subscription Management Status: ON OFF

Opt-Out Link*


Directs to the Subscription Management page and includes an Opt-Out option.

One-Click Unsubscribe**

Opt-Out Link (bypass Subscription Prefs)


One-Click Unsubscribe** One-Click Unsubscribe**

Subscription Preference Only


Directs to the Subscription Management page without an opt-out.

When using, your email will still require an Opt-Out link.

(NA - Do not use)

*There are two ways to obtain the standard Opt-Out link. See Simple Opt-Out below.

**See FAQs below for more information on using a two-click opt-out.


To successfully update your Opt-Out links, edit both the Rich Text and Plain Text versions of your Email Footers. Follow these instructions based on which Opt-Out link you wish to use.

Method 1 - Simple Opt-Out

This inserts the standard Opt-Out link, described above.

  • When you do not have Subscription Management, it functions as a one-click unsubscribe.
  • When you are using Subscription Management, it will direct you to a page that has preferences and an option to opt-out.

There are two ways to add this link to your email - via the Opt-Out button, or as a Personalization Variable.

Rich Text Editor Button

  1. Navigate to where you want to add the link:
    • Content > Email Footers > Add Footer or Edit existing
    • Outbound > New Message > Design > Footer > Define New Footer or Edit Current Footer
  2. In the Rich Text Editor, click on the Opt-Out icon mceclip4.png
    This will create a link that looks like this: mceclip0.png
    The link contains this URL (which matches the Default Footer), for example: mceclip1.png
  3. Edit the link text as needed, but do not edit the URL field.
  4. Once you are done editing your Email Footer, click Generate Text Header from HTML.
  5. Click Save.

Personalization Variable

You can also add the opt-out link by using this Personalization Variable in the URL field for a link or button: {{Env.OptOut}} Read the next section for more instructions on how to use this version of the standard Opt-Out link.

Method 2 - Subscription Management Opt-Outs

To use a direct Opt-Out link and/or to add a link for Subscription Preferences only, you will need to add the link to your footer in a three-step process. First, you will grab the personalization value for the link, next, you will create the link in Rich Text, and then you will add it to your Plain Text version.

Step 1: Get the Opt-Out Link Value

Follow these instructions to obtain the value for your Opt-Out link, or you can copy the value from the chart above and skip to the next step.

  1. Open the Rich Text Block where you want to add the link:
    • Content > Email Footers > Add Footer or Edit existing
    • Outbound > New Message > Design > Footer > Define New Footer or Edit Current Footer
  2. Click the Insert Personalization Field icon mceclip2.png
  3. Click the Sender Field drop-down, scroll to Other Fields and select an Opt-Out Link
  4. Click Insert.

Note that this adds the URL of an Opt-Out link in plain text. Proceed to the next step to create a clickable link in your email.

Step 2: Create a Link or Button

To create a link that has display text, copy the personalization value and use this as the URL for a link.


You could alternatively add this in a button:


Step 3: Create a Plain Text version

Once you have finished customizing your Email Footer in the Rich Text Editor, navigate to the Plain Text Version section of the editor and click on Generate from HTML Version.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Can I Customize the Opt-Out page?

Yes! To do this, go to Content > Email Footers > Custom Opt-Out Confirmation Page, hover, and click Define. The editor is the same as our Landing Page editor. See our guide here for more information.

Can I use a two-click Opt-Out?

Yes, however, this is a beta feature that currently cannot be customized. Any Opt-Out link that would be a one-click unsubscribe turns into a two-click opt-out. To unsubscribe, contacts must click the opt-out link in their email, and then click the confirmation link on the opt-out page:


You may contact Support to enable this feature.

Can I place an Opt-Out link as Dynamic Content?

No, Opt-Out links cannot be included in your message content via Dynamic Content block.

Can I use the Opt-Out link on a Landing Page?

No. Opt-Out links are only available in Email Messages. They are dynamically generated for each Contact and Message. This provides the level of tracking that can associate opt-out requests with particular messages.

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