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You can send emails from Act-On that show in the inbox as they were sent by the Contact or Lead Owner from Salesforce. This is a powerful way to use marketing automation to grab the attention of your Leads and Contacts by using a personal touch.

This article applies if you are sending from a Marketing List.  If you are using All Contacts to send, please refer to this article instead.


  • Active Connection with Salesforce
  • Data Management set up and syncing on a schedule
  • Email From setup completed for your account
  • Your Salesforce Owners should have up-to-date contact information in their Salesforce user profile.
    • As a best practice, let your Sales Team know that you will be adding their Salesforce profile to outbound emails. This informs them to keep their profile updated so their information is correct in outbound communications with prospects.


Send an Email From the Contact's Owner

To send your email from the Salesforce Owner for each Lead or Contact, open the Email Composer.

  1. In the Address tab, choose Salesforce Owner as your sender.mceclip0.png
  2. Choose a Salesforce List for your Recipients.

Add Owner Personalization in your Email Content

When you are in the Email Composer, go to the Design tab and use a Rich Text Block.

  1. Click on the Personalization icon.mceclip1.png
  2. Choose the Sender Field option and scroll down to the Salesforce Owner Fields section. Choose the field you wish to insert into your email and click Insert.mceclip2.png
  3. Add Fallback text for the field. This will show an alternative text when there is no data for the Sales Owner available. In this example we can see an alternative fax number for Owners who don't have their own fax set up:
    • Without Fallback text: {{crmmodel.Owner.Fax}}
    • With Fallback text: {{={{crmmodel.Owner.Fax}}|503-111-4321}}

    You must add fallback text to display when there is no data to display. Otherwise, the message will fail to be sent to contacts whose owners have incomplete information in their Salesforce profiles.

    For more information on how to use Personalization fields, read this related article: Using Personalization Fields in Emails.

    • Your Rich Text Block will show the personalization fields similar to this, as variables:mceclip3.png
  4. Next, navigate to the Review tab and use the Sample Preview to review how Personalization will show for contacts in your list.
This personalization works if you are sending to a list that syncs with Salesforce and contains the Owner ID field. Confirm that your list has these fields in it before sending your message.


How is this feature different than Personalized From?

There are a few ways that these features are different.

  Salesforce Owner Personalized From
Availability Salesforce CRM only All accounts
Marketing List Setup

Owner ID is required

Owner Name and Owner Email Fields are required
Available Data Use data directly from Salesforce user profiles Use fields that are present on the Marketing List

'Sent' Note Assignment

Task Assigned to Salesforce Owner Task Assigned to Connected User

For more information on Personalized From, see our article here: Personalized From Addresses.

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