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Act-On's Personalized From feature allows you to automatically use your sales owner's contact information in your outbound messages. This is a great way to send emails from a real, relevant person to each of your customers. This works whether you are using an integrated CRM with Act-On or uploading your lists manually.

The information here is for Marketing Lists users. If you are using Act-On Contacts, please see Personalize From Addresses with Act-On Contacts.
For Salesforce Users: Act-On has a similar feature available to send personalized emails from Salesforce Owners. See our FAQ here to understand the difference and decide which sales personalization feature is best for you.


  • Email From setup completed for your account (this is usually done during onboarding)
  • Personalized From feature enabled
    • To verify, check the Sender field of your outbound message for Personalized From. If this option is not available, contact Support.
  • Sales Owner Name and Owner Email fields are present in your marketing lists (see below for setup)
    • This must be completed for each list you want to send personal messages. 
    • Note: Check these emails to make sure the list does contains invalid emails (for example, emails for salespeople who have left your company)

Sending Personalized From emails without these configurations can negatively affect deliverability for your entire account.


To be ready to use Personalized From, you must add the Owner Name and Owner Email fields to your marketing list, and then you must update mapping to identify these fields. Once these two things are done, you will be ready to send emails for your Sales Team.

Add Owner Name and Owner Email to your Marketing List

If you are connected with a CRM, you may be able to import these fields directly from your CRM:

  • Owner Name
  • Owner Email

However, if that option is not available, then you can manually add new fields. Here's how:

  1. Find the Marketing List you want & click the dropdown arrow on the right and select Maintenance > Change List Columns:

    Personalized From Addresses 01.png

  2. Click Add Column, enter a title for the column (for example, Owner Email), and click Submit:

    Personalized From Addresses 02.png

  3. Click Save.

  4. Repeat so that you have both Owner Name and Owner Email on your list.
    • Note: The Owner Name field should contain the sales owner's first and last name.

  5. Populate these fields in your list with the relevant owner information (eg via import or other list sync option).

Identify the Owner Name and Owner Email in Your List

You'll need to tell Act-On where the Owner Name and Owner Email fields exist in your lists. This information then can be used to associate sender information for each contact.

  1. Click Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists.
  2. Hover over the list, and click the drop-down arrow.
  3. Choose MaintenanceIdentify List Columns.
  4. Scroll down to the fields called Owner Email and Owner Name. Click the dropdown for each and select the field representing your sales owner's name and email in your CRM or external lists.
  5. Click Save.

Use Personalized From for your Outbound Emails

Email From setup needs to be completed for each domain before you send.

In the Sender field of your outbound message, select Personalized From. Your sales owner's information will now be used.

You may also want to set a different Reply-to address to manage replies to this message. See this page for more information.

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