Testing an Email Message with Litmus

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The Litmus integration for Act-On gives you the ability to preview your email messages across an extensive library of clients and devices to ensure that your message looks its best regardless of where it's being opened.

Once you connect your Litmus account to Act-On, you can access Litmus previews in the Act-On Message Composer.

How It Works

Our Litmus integration includes access to all 90+ clients and devices available on the Litmus platform. However, most Litmus subscription plans are limited in the number of previews that are permitted through 3rd parties. For this reason, our connector shows only the clients and devices that have been configured in your Litmus account. If none are selected, Act-On will return a set of 10 popular clients by default.

'Test with Litmus' functionality can be accessed from any version of the Message Composer in Act-On. 

You can also test directly through the Litmus service, but please set it to ignore opt-out links before doing so.


Litmus account (Basic, Plus, Pro, or Enterprise)

To use Litmus functionality within Act-On you will first need to configure your account in the Connectors section of Act-On (under Settings > Connectors > Other). This is a one-time step and does not need to be repeated on subsequent logins unless your connection fails (e.g. due to password change).

Testing a Message

  1. Navigate to any version of the Message Composer and create or customize your message.
    1. 'Test with Litmus' is available in the following locations:
      1. Content > Email Templates
      2. Outbound > New Message
      3. Outbound > Drafts
      4. Outbound > Sent Messages
      5. Automation > Automated Programs > Program Messages
  2. When you're ready to preview your message go to the Review tab
  3. From there, select Test with Litmus and Create New Preview


  1. View your email previews on the main screen of the Review tab

  2. To change the available Litmus previews while testing, select Customize email clients – this takes you to your Litmus account where you can customize your clients and devices



To review your most recent previews, select your preferred test from the 'Last five results' section

Testing Directly Through Litmus

You can test via Litmus by sending your Act-On test message directly to your Litmus email account.

Please note that Litmus clicks your message links when using this method, and this includes your Unsubscribe link. By default, testing with this method will opt-out of your Litmus address from receiving further emails. To ensure that this does not happen, instruct Litmus to ignore this link:

  1.  Edit the footer of the message you want to test (either by creating a new footer or by updating your footer templates via Content > Email Footers)
  2. Open the HTML view and locate your opt-out link
  3. Add the tag data-litmus-ignore="" to the HTML of the link, as in the example below:
<a href="https://marketing.yourcompany.com/acton/rif/{{Env.AccountId}}/{{Env.MsgId}}/-/{{Env.RecId}}/{{Env.SrcId}}/zout" data-litmus-ignore="">Unsubscribe</a>

Litmus will now ignore the opt-out link in this message. 

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