Testing the Clickthrough Links in an Email Message

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Selecting Clickthrough Links will allow you to view all links contained in your email, along with the associate anchor text. Act-On will automatically test the links in both the HTML and text versions of your message and will tell you if the links are valid and if any are broken.

 To Test Your Links:

  1. Open your message.
  2. Click the Design tab.
  3. On the lower right, select Validate Clickthrough Links.
  4. A window appears displaying your links and associated anchor text.
  5. Click on the right to test your clickthrough links to ensure they reach the correct URL:

    Testing the Clickthrough Links in an Email 01.png

  6. Click Close when you are finished.
    Validate Clickthrough Links checks each unique URL in your message. If you have multiple buttons or images linked to the same URL, "Validate Clickthrough Links" will show only the first link. Don't worry, Act-On is still tracking each one separately when you send the message.


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