2022 Power-Up Customer Webinar Series

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Our monthly Power-Ups take your Act-On skills to the next level! Designed especially for Act-On users, this free series covers an Act-On topic each month, offering 30-minute webinar sessions and follow-up resource hubs to help you leverage the power of our marketing automation platform.

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2022 Power-Up Customer Webinar Series

Each month's Power-Up is available below and includes the webinar recording, white papers, success guides, and complementary mini videos specific to the Power-Up topic.

Automated Journey Builder 101

Access the Automated Journey Builder Power-Up resource hub to help you strengthen your automated nurture campaign skills.

This Automated Journey Builder resource hub includes:

  • 18-minute webinar recording that explores Act-On's Automated Journey Builder, the new Automated Program Dashboard, and how to create a Customer Welcome Series with Customer Success Program Manager, Owen Fox
  • Mini power boost videos: How to Test an Automated Program and Conditional & A/B Messages in the Automated Journey Builder
  • In-depth guides: Automated Journey Builder Guide and Welcome Email Automation Guide
  • Campaign playbooks: First Touch Campaign and Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • How-to article: Send SMS from an Automated Program
  • FAQs for Contacts in Automated Programs

Marketing With SMS: Strategy & Compliance

Access the SMS Marketing Power-Up resource hub to learn about strategy and compliance best practices as you incorporate SMS into your current marketing strategy.

This SMS Marketing resource hub includes:

  • 18-minute webinar recording with SMS Analyst, Craig Balkin, that walks through how to engage customers with SMS (in partnership with email) and how to grow your SMS opt-in list while meeting compliance guidelines
  • Mini power boost videos: SMS Implementation Tips and Additional SMS Strategy Tips
  • Informational articles: About Act-On SMS and International SMS Credits
  • eBook: Best Practices Guide to SMS Marketing
  • How-to articles: Send SMS From An Automated Program and Create List Segments With SMS Criteria
  • FAQs for SMS

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Subscription Management

Access the Subscription Management Power-Up resource hub to discover how this feature encourages higher engagement from your contacts and supports your deliverability rate.

This Subscription Management resource hub includes:

  • 22-minute webinar recording where Sr. Marketing Automation Consultant Tatiana Lea shares her favorite 5 ways to leverage Subscription Management and how to integrate it into your marketing efforts
  • How-to articles: How To Set Up Subscription Management, How To Set Up A Custom Subscription Management Center, How To Send Emails To Subscription Categories, and Checking Your Subscription Management List
  • Campaign playbooks: Subscription Management and Email Newsletter Campaign
  • Blog posts: Email Unsubscribers To Keep The Bad Out And The Good In and Email Marketing Data Permission And Acquisition

Gmail: Strategies to Maximize Your Inbox Placement

Access the Inbox Placement Power-Up resource hub to help you get out of the Promotions tab and into the inbox with email deliverability strategies and practices.

This Deliverability and Inbox Placement resource hub includes:

  • 25-minute webinar recording where Deliverability Consultants Alex Cunningham and Matthew Volkman cover how to monitor your reputation with Google Postmaster Tools, when to unengage the unengaged, and how to boost your inbox placement with Gmail-specific tips
  • Deliverability 101 eBooks: Your Guide to Inbox Placement, Your Guide to Developing An Email Strategy That Improves Deliverability And Drives Results, and Improve Email Deliverability With Quality Data And Email Hygiene
  • Blog posts: Best Practices For Successful Email Marketing With Gmail, Email Deliverability: It’s Time to Let Go of Stale Data, and Seven Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Gmail Inbox Placement

Automating the Nurture Process

Access the Nurture Process Automation resource hub to learn thoughtful ways to nurture prospects through marketing automation.

This Nurture Process resource hub includes:

  • 23-minute webinar recording where Professional Services Manager Vanessa Bahena covers how to keep current customers engaged and gain visibility into customer behavior through customer scoring
  • How-to article: Welcome Email Automation Guide
  • Campaign playbook: 3-Touch Lead Engagement
  • eBooks: Marketing Automation Strategy Guide, Marketing Automation Trends 2022
  • Webinar: The Blueprint of a Nurture Program: How to Build an Effective and Engaging Campaign
  • Blog post: How 3 Insurance Companies are Leveraging Marketing Automation

B2B Deliverability: Strategy & Best Practices

Access the B2B Deliverability information resource hub to learn the major hurdles markets see in B2B email marketing and a game plan to overcome them.

This Deliverability resource hub includes:

  • 20-minute webinar recording where Deliverability Consultants Brandon Blair and Travis Wetherbee discuss why the traditional batch-and-blast method doesn't work and a recipe for recovering from low deliverability. 
  • Deliverability 101 eBook: Your Guide to Testing and Optimizing Your Emails
  • How-to articles: Best Practices for Managing List Data, Form Submissions from Consumer Email Addresses for B2B Use, Top 5 Tips to Design Email that Looks Great on Any Device
  • Blog posts: B2B Demand Generation Trends: The Newest Data, How to Use Automated Customer Segmentation for Better Results

Low Code, No Code, & Custom Integrations

Access the Integrations information resource hub to explore the many ways to integrate with Act-On.

This Integrations resource hub includes:

  • 18-minute webinar recording where Sr. Product Manager Erinda Ylli covers low code integrations using Zapier, Cazoomi, and funnel.io; built-in connectors for Zoom and Zendesk; and custom integrations using Act-On's API.
  • How-to articles: CRM Integration Features, Integrating Act-On to a Non-Native CRM, Posting External Forms to Act-On, Setting Up Integrations with Act-On's Connectors, Zendesk Sell Integration Guide
  • Resource: API: Integrate with Act-On

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