Canceling an Act-On Email Send

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Depending on the launch request you've selected, such as Adaptive Sending, Send over time, and Send in recipient's time zone, you may cancel a scheduled message send or stop the launch of a message send in progress.


Heads up!

  • The Stop Launch button will not appear until your message has completed initial processing.
  • If your message was already scheduled for sending, some or all contacts may still receive the email, even after you've clicked Stop Launch.

Cancel a Scheduled Message Send

  1. Go to Outbound > Other Messages > Scheduled
  2. Find the scheduled message, hover over it and select:
    • Reschedule to choose a new time to send it
    • Move to Drafts to cancel the message and make changes
  3. Follow the prompts to ensure the message is either rescheduled or moved to drafts

Stop an In-Progress Message Send

If your message is already in the process of sending out, you can stop the message for the remaining recipients who have not yet received it. To do this:

  1. Go to Outbound > Sent Messages
  2. Click the dropdown arrow for this message and select Stop Launch

You can also find the Stop Launch button in the Act-On Sent Message Report.stop_email_send.PNG

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