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One of our large customers is looking to use Act-On to send their internal newsletters and communications. Act-On will be great to manage lists, streamline the design process, help with content consistency, provide feedback on content interest and so on. As these emails will be internal, I wonder however how to deal with the mandatory opt-out link.

The standard subscription management feature is not ideal as not all employees should be aware of the full list of internal communications.

A custom page per communication channel would be better in this respect but as it does not count as an opt-out link, email footers would also need to include the 'standard' full opt-out link.

Did you have to handle this situation? What did you do?

Thank you!




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    Sarah-Jane Humphries

    I would also be interested in the answer to this. We are currently investigating if we can use automated sends for internal communications - so this would be really useful information for us too.

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    James Matney

    This may be an inappropriate work around, but could you add the Transactional email tool to your package?

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    Tatiana Lea
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    Hi François, 

    This is a great question and I was going to suggest to request Transactional feature for opt out link (your can either reach out to your Account Manager or I drop me a line)

    Also for the Form Submissions - you can add _suppressLogging as a hidden field and it would stop form from dropping a cookie.

    Happy marketing



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    François Lhuissier

    The transactional email feature could help. I'll get in touch with our Account Manager.

    And thank you Tatiana for the tip on internal forms.

    Best regards,



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