Suppressing Cookie Logging on Form Submissions

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Act-On forms automatically drop the Act-On cookie upon form submission. This allows marketing users and sales users to view the submitter as a known prospect in the Website Prospector report once the submitter navigates to your website.

There are a few instances where the Act-On cookie should not be logged. For example, if you publish an internal form allowing internal employees to submit referrals, cookies should not be logged. Suppressing the cookie will ensure that the submitting employee is not shown as a known prospect in your Website Prospector report. Although the cookie is not logged in this example, the form signups can still be used as a Marketing list for nurturing purposes.


To prevent the Act-On cookie from being logged after a form submission:

  1. Create the Act-On form under Content > Forms
    • If the form is already created, hover over the desired form and choose Edit
  2. Insert a Hidden field in the form using _suppressLogging as the Field Name
  3. Enter a value of '1' in the Data Field Value field
  4. Click Submit, and save the form


The form will behave as usual in these ways:

  • The signup data will continue to write to the Signup list
  • The normal response display (per Step 2 - Settings of the form) will continue to occur after submission
  • Confirmation email messages will continue to be sent if they are enabled
  • Data will continue to push to the CRM if enabled
  • Form views will continue to be tracked in the form report

If the '_suppressLogging' feature is enabled, the Act-On form will NOT:

  • Show form submissions in the form report,
  • Cookie the form submitter
  • Log the form submission in the contact's Act-On activity history

If you would like to continue to apply a behavior score to these activities, use the Custom Events feature to upload the Signup list and associate a behavior score. See the article Creating and Scoring Custom Events for further information.

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