Advanced Landing Page Features

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When you were a new user getting confident with Act-On, you designed a basic Landing Page and optimized it for different devices.

Now we'll talk about some advanced features to make your Landing Pages more inviting and captivating to your prospects.

Landing Page Templates

More Building Blocks!

The following blocks are available in the Landing Page composer:

  • Custom Content: add your existing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Icons: improve 'scan' readability with icons
  • Slideshow: create a dynamic image carousel 
  • Map: add a location, for example, if promoting a real-life event
  • Social share: for visitors to easily share on social media
  • RSS feed: share an up-to-date list of your recent content

See Landing Page Content Blocks.

More Landing Page Design Options 

Also see the Landing Page Deployment Guide.

Landing Page SEO

Control the way that the Landing Page appears in search engine results and other places such as social media. See Landing Page SEO.

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