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When you were a new user getting confident with Act-On, you addressed, designed, reviewed, and sent a basic email with text, images, and a responsive design.

Now we'll talk about some advanced features to make your emails successfully engaging.

There are many options available in Act-On to design emails that speak your organization's language and brand while being sharp, friendly, professional, and engaging.

Email Templates

Branding & Content Reuse

Go to Content > Branding and add your organization's:

Email - branding.png

Content reuse is key for consistent branding. See 7 Ways to Add Your Brand Identity to Act-On Emails with Content Re-Use

Also, see our use cases: "Controlling Your Brand" Beginners and Advanced Guides.

Personalize it!

Add personalization fields to the subject line and body of your emails to make your emails unique for each individual contact:

Also, see 8 Ways You Can Personalize Emails in Act-On.

Dynamic Content

Define entire sections of your message – including text, hyperlinks, and graphics – that will display differently for recipients depending on their profile attributes. This lets you send a single message to a particular list and still provide targeted information for each contact. See Creating Dynamic Content in Email Messages.

Maximize Deliverability

Also see How to Design an Act-On Email for Deliverability.

More Email Design Options 

Also see:

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