Customize Form Alert Routing Based on Submitted Data

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Form submission alerts are an important tool to notify your team of incoming leads or inquiries. When a form is submitted (for example, by a customer), Act-On can route alerts based on the contents of the form submission. Route service issues to the support department and sales issues to the sales team, or route based on product interest, region, etc.

To do this, set up Form alert conditions as follows.

Set up Form Alert Conditions

    1. Go to Act-On > Content (left menu) > Forms > (select a Form) Edit
    2. In the Design tab, choose Form Conditions:

    3. Click '+' on the right to add a new rule and enter a name for the rule.
    4. Set logic based on the form responses you are interested in. For example, in Conditions:

    5. In the THEN section, from the Do drop-down, select Send Alert and enter the email address:

    6. For each email address, Click +AND & enter a separate 'Do' action.
      Note: Addresses entered on the Form Alert screen will continue to receive all submissions.

For more information on Form Conditions, see Adding Form Conditions to Selectively Display Fields.

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