Generating Form Alerts

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Form alert emails help you notify specific individuals in your organization via email when a contact has submitted one of your Act-On forms.

What are form alerts?

Form alerts are emails sent by Act-On to let you know that a contact has submitted your form. Your form alert email will contain all information included in the form submission and a timestamp. You can also choose to add the visitor's location based on their IP address.

The email notification comes from the system alert email address set up for your account.

Where do I set form alerts?

You can set form alerts on each individual form in the Forms Composer or via your Website Prospector Content Filters to identify individuals in your organization from whom you'd like to receive form alert emails.

Individual forms

You have three options for setting form alerts on your individual forms:

  • Manually set alerts for specific individuals – enter individual email addresses or paste a list of email addresses (separated by commas) under Send form submit alert email to:
  • Set alerts for users in your organization who are in the same geographic territory as the contact that submitted your form
    Heads up! You'll need to associate specific regions with marketing or sales users and set form alerts in the Website Prospector to use this setting. Learn more about setting up geographic alerts here.
  • Set alerts based on lead owner relationship – you'll need to set up Sales Prospects lists in Act-On to use this setting


In addition to choosing the alert recipient, you can customize the form subject line.  If you don't enter a subject line here, the standard subject line will be used, which includes the form name and the email of the submitter. Use brackets to enter personalizations on the subject line such as {{First Name}} {{Last Name}} for any fields submitted on the form. 

Website Prospector

Form alerts can also originate from the Website Prospector's Content Filters. Here, you can set individual marketing or sales users to be alerted when visitors from their geographic region have submitted a form. This setting is required if you're using geographic form alerts (i.e. alerts in the user's territory) in your individual forms.



Set up form alerts on individual forms

  1. Go to Content > Forms.

  2. Hover over the form you'd like to update and click Edit to open it
    At the top right click Create form.

  3. Go to the Properties tab in the Forms Composer.

  4. Click on Alerts.

  5. Select which users in your organization should receive form alerts:
    • Under Send form submit alert email to, manually enter specific email addresses (or a list of addresses separated by commas) that you'd like to alert when any contact submits this form
    • Check the In the user's territory box to alert CRM users in the same geographic region as the contact who submitted your form
    • Check the Owned by the user box to alert CRM users assigned to the contact who submitted your form

  6. If desired, check the box to include The visitor's GeoIP information – this will include your contact's GeoIP in your form alert email.

  7. Click OK, then Save your form.

Set up form alerts in the Website Prospector

  1. Go to Inbound > Website Prospector.

  2. Click More > Content Filters in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select a Marketing or Sales user to create alerts for, then click --- all ---

  4. Add the geographic areas, area codes, or postal codes that you'd like to track – any time a contact in one of these areas submits one of your forms, this user will receive an alert.

  5. Check the box next to Alert me when visitors from these areas submit forms
    Heads up! Your individual forms must be configured to send alerts based on your user's territory to enable this feature.
  6. Click Submit.

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