Setting Form Alerts with Geographic Data

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Use geographic form alerts to notify your marketing or sales users in a specific region when contacts in the same region have submitted your Act-On form. With this option, you'll receive form alert emails based on your contact's GeoIP by default. Alternatively, you can set form alerts to send based on geographic data submitted through the form itself.


Set up geographic form alerts

There are a variety of ways to set up form alerts. If you're using geographic form alerts, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Set a geographic form alert on each individual form you'd like to receive alerts for – under Alerts, check the box for In the user's territory
  2. Turn on form alerts in the Website Prospector – check the box for Alert me when visitors from these areas submit forms

For full instructions on generating form alerts, see our complete guide here.

Select which geographic data to use

Use GeoIP Data (default)

By default, Act-On detects a contact's location based on their IP address. Geographic form alerts will send based on this GeoIP data.

Heads up! Individuals using a VPN service or some ISPs may use an IP from outside their region. In these cases, GeoIP data may not always be accurate.

Use Form Data (optional)

As an optional feature, you can instead use the geographic data that is submitted on your form. Please contact Support to turn this on.

To use this data, your Act-On Form must have the following conditions:

  • The form must contain fields for State, Postal Code, and/or Country
  • These fields must be mapped to Act-On Standard Fields on the Form Submission List.


  1. Go to Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions
  2. Locate your Form Submission List and go to List options (drop-down arrow) > Maintenance > Identify List Columns
  3. Select the appropriate Field Name for each Standard Field.
    • You can map Business fields, Home fields, or both.
    • If your form contains both addresses, Act-On will send alerts based off the Business address before it sends based on Home address

Standard Fields used to send form alerts:

  • Contact’s Business Country, or Contact’s Home Country
  • Contact’s Business State, or Contact’s Home State
  • Contact’s Business Postal Code, or Contact’s Home Postal Code

Here's an example mapping with Contact's Home fields filled in for form alerts:


If your Contact does not provide their address on your form, Act-On will send the form alert based on their GeoIP data. City and Street Address fields are not used for Form Alerts.

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